Dunkin’ Commits to 100% Sustainable Palm Oil by 2016

Dunkin’ Commits to 100% Sustainable Palm Oil by 2016

Today, Dunkin’ Donuts is taking another step toward becoming a more sustainable company by announcing that we’ve made a commitment to source only 100% sustainable palm oil in the United States by 2016. While we’re a relatively minor user of palm oil, we understand that sourcing even a limited amount irresponsibly can contribute to a number of negative environmental and social impacts. For this reason, we have made our palm oil promise to move toward 100% responsible palm oil.



To make this possible, we will work with our suppliers and franchisee-owned purchasing cooperative to source palm oil that is 100% fully traceable to the mill by the end of 2015, and to the plantation by the end of 2016, for use in Dunkin’ Donuts U.S. restaurants. In addition, Dunkin’ will develop and publish a phased implementation plan, including mapping its international supply chain, by March 1, 2015. We engaged with several nonprofit organizations to develop this plan and will continue to work with these organizations to help us meet our goals. 

By implementing our new palm oil policy, our suppliers will be asked to meet specific targets. In addition, they will be continually evaluated to ensure they’re aligned with the principles outlined in the policy. Our responsible palm oil principles include:

  • No development of High Carbon Stock forests and High Conservation Value areas
  • No burning in preparation of land or in development
  • Progressive reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions on existing plantations from all sources
  • No development on peat areas regardless of depth
  • Respect and no exploitation of people and communities including support for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Our palm oil policy is one piece of our overall commitment to being a socially responsible company and we’re proud to make this announcement and to continue to find sustainable business solutions that meet the needs of our guests and our franchisees, and that benefit our communities and the planet.