Dunkin’ Docs: Meet Benny

Dunkin’ Docs: Meet Benny

In the third film of our video series, Dunkin’ Docs, we share Benny’s story. After leaving his family and friends in Iran, Benny got his first job in the U.S. at a Dunkin’. From cleaning and to learning to make the donuts, to then working the front counter and rising to assistant manager and then manager, to now being a franchisee, Benny not only found opportunity at Dunkin’, but also realized his American Dream of freedom, hope and success. Check out the video below to see Benny’s story come to life.

This is the third video in a new online video series called Dunkin’ Docs. Each film focuses on a story of how Dunkin’ has uniquely impacted people’s lives, and has come to serve not just delicious coffee and food, but so much more.

Here at Dunkin’ we believe that positivity is in demand, and that is why each Dunkin’ Doc is created and designed to share and spread a little optimism. These aren’t just significant stories for Dunkin’ to tell as a brand, they are important stories for today. Stay tuned here on our blog for more Dunkin’ Docs.

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