#WTFast - Behind the Scenes Straight from France!

#WTFast - Behind the Scenes Straight from France!

By Paul Murray, Director of Digital & Innovation Marketing, Dunkin’ Brands

A few months ago, I was given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit Chamonix, France for the production of our On The Go Ordering advertising campaign, #WTFast. Needless to say, this beautiful city is an extreme sports wonderland. From alpine skiing, paragliding, speedriding and base jumping to Wingsuit piloting, there is an energy that is impossible to know unless you visit and experience it. This is home to Ellen Brennan, the Utah born American and documented World’s fastest flying woman.

Ellen is a true athlete in every sense of the word. Her positive energy, drive and humble demeanor makes her a delight to be around. She has a magnetic personality that just draws you in.

“World’s Fastest Dunkin’ Run” was shot in Veron, about 20 miles north of Chamonix. It’s one of the very few places in the world where you can jump off a cliff, fly down a slope, arrive at an area where you could place a Dunkin’ Donuts store and fly away safely into open space and land by parachute at the base. And it’s surrounded by an absolutely beautiful backdrop, Mont Blanc.

When in flight, Ellen is flying between 150 and 200 kilometers per hour (124mph). Because of her extreme speed in flight, we needed several cameras on the ground and in air to capture all of the action. Ellen was wearing a GoPro mounted on her helmet as well as her body to capture her bird’s eye view while in flight, and a reverse angle on herself.

Cool, right? You have to see it to believe it, which is why we included a Behind the Scenes video below!

Woohoo! Go Ellen!