Allied Domecq Quick Service Restaurants Names Executive Team to Lead Newly Restructured Organization

Randolph, Mass. (September 17, 2003) -- Allied Domecq Quick Service Restaurants (ADQSR), which includes quick service restaurant brands Dunkin' Donuts, Baskin-Robbins, and Togo's Sandwiches, today announced its new executive leadership team.

As part of ADQSR's new organizational structure, Chief Executive Officer Jon L. Luther, has named 15 individuals to the overall leadership team, including three women, whose dedicated roles will build on the company's business strategy, ensure operational excellence and develop innovative menus and concepts that support ADQSR's brands, employees, and franchisees.

"Our goal is nothing less than transforming ADQSR by making changes that will act as a catalyst for even faster growth," said Luther. "Consumers have more and more choices. We want to make sure we stay in tune with their needs and that we keep anticipating new ways to delight them."

Luther has appointed an executive council whose charge it is to set vision and strategy for ADQSR. Council members include RoJean DeChantal, people services officer; Will Kussell, chief operating officer, U.S.; Paul Leech, chief operating officer, international; Joe Scafido, menu and concept officer; and Jennie Wilson, chief financial officer.

In addition, Luther has named a broader leadership team, called the operating committee, to run the business. In addition to all members of the executive council, newly appointed operating team members are Phil Bennett, development officer; George Condos, Dunkin' Donuts brand officer; Jayne Fitzpatrick, strategy officer; Michael Furlow, chief information officer; Steve Horn, legal officer and general counsel; Rob Huntington, vice president, organizational learning and development; Kenneth Kimmel, Baskin-Robbins brand officer; Mark Richardson, Togo's brand officer; Tom Wyczawski, multibrand and new market entry officer, and Tad Wampfler, vice president, global supply chain.

The new leadership team will lead ADQSR using an ambitious growth roadmap that includes expanding Dunkin' Donuts into a geographically national brand, energizing Baskin-Robbins, reinforcing the West Coast appeal of Togo's, expanding Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin-Robbins in focused international markets, as well as focusing on complementary day part branding. The agenda for 2004 includes:

  • Brand building through a brand-centric organization
  • Growing sales with an aggressive slate of new product innovations
  • Focused growth in global markets. In U.S. alone, ADQSR will open more than 1000 new points of distribution, a 44 percent increase over 2003. In international markets, ADQSR will open more than 300 new points of distribution.
  • Ensure each concept's integrity and build guest loyalty by exceeding expectations. The detail of execution, at the store level, is key to achieving a memorable experience for every guest every time. We will take a disciplined approach to execution throughout our organization and create tools to measure our progress.


Beyond realigned people services, finance, legal and development groups, key examples of organizational changes that will energize our franchisee partners business include:

  • Brand-focused teams for existing markets that brings support functions such as marketing, operations, and local development under single brand leaders under the leadership of Will Kussell, chief operating officer for the U.S.
  • A new, dedicated focus on growth and development in international markets through joint venture relationships, optimizing existing licensees and expanding new market opportunities will be led by Paul Leech, chief operating officer for international.
  • The creation of a "Menu and Concept" team lead by Joe Scafido, menu and concept officer, who is responsible for innovating new products and store concepts, as well as overseeing previously separated functions of channel development, retail operating systems, global supply chain management, product development and quality assurance
  • A new team called "Restaurant Excellence" led by Thomas Canty, director, restaurant excellence, under Will Kussell's direction, that will combine previously separated responsibilities, including standards, operational systems, and feedback mechanisms that drive store success and customer satisfaction
  • The creation of a "Strategy" group led by Jayne Fitzpatrick, strategy officer, who will plan for future growth through strategic planning, business intelligence, consumer and competitive business research and brand insight, risk management, information technology, knowledge management and external communications


CEO Jon L. Luther added, "With the new leadership team in place, ADQSR is now poised to become the restaurant leader that is known the world over for its popular brands, offering innovative, high-quality food and beverages that are accessible, affordable and appealing to everyone, everywhere, everyday."

About Allied Domecq Quick Service Restaurants
Allied Domecq Quick Service Restaurants franchises nearly 11,000 Dunkin' Donuts, Baskin-Robbins and Togo's stores worldwide. With over 143 years of combined franchising experience, ADQSR's mission is to thrill customers, enrich stakeholders and build powerful brands. ADQSR is also a pioneer in developing and practicing a complementary day part strategy, which combines two or three of its brands under one roof. Headquartered in Randolph, Massachusetts, ADQSR is part of Allied Domecq PLC (NYSE:AED), a highly successful and dynamic global business in spirits, wines, and quick service restaurants. More information can be found on Allied Domecq QSR's website,






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