10 Reasons Why You Should Use Dunkin’ Donuts' On-The-Go Ordering

10 Reasons Why You Should Use Dunkin’ Donuts' On-The-Go Ordering

If you haven’t tried On-the-Go Ordering just yet, now is the time. From speeding past the line to earning special offers, here are our top ten reasons why you need to try On-the-Go Ordering:

1. It’s Free

Download the DD App, sign up for DD Perks, and start using On-the-Go Ordering immediately. It’s really just that simple!

2. You Receive Special Offers

Starting today, you can earn 2X points when you order through On-the-Go on Fridays in March. That’s right, today and for the next two Fridays, you’ll earn twice as many points towards your next free beverage when you order through On-the-Go.  

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3. You Earn Free Beverages

With On-the-Go, every order earns you points! With every 200 points, you earn a free beverage.

4. Save your Favorites!

Did you know you can save your favorites on the DD Mobile App? That way you are a few less taps away from your Dunkin’ run when you use On-the-Go Ordering.

5. You Can Get Your Dunkin’ Just the Way You Like

Whether you take your coffee black, or with a flavor swirl and extra almondmilk, you can customize your order right on the app. In fact, there are nearly 5,000 different ways you can order your hot or iced coffee through On-the-Go Ordering.

6. You Can Order Ahead – Way Ahead

Did you know you can order way ahead of time? Order your morning Dunkin’ run the night before and head to your local store to pick it up the next morning to start your day off right!

7. You Can Refer a Friend to Get MORE Free Beverages

Are you the only one of your friends who speeds past the line? Refer a friend and you’ll earn a free beverage for the referral, and they’ll get a free beverage for signing up.  Now that’s a win-win.

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8. Tell Us When You’re Ready

Not sure exactly how much longer until you arrive at your DD? After you submit your order, you have the ability to let us know when you are ready to pick up! With a push of a button you can let your local Dunkin’ know you’re there to pick up your order, in store or through the drive-thru.

9. Paying With Your DD Card Is Easier Than Ever

Load dollars onto your Perks enrolled DD card any way you like – from Apple Pay to Visa Checkout and more! You can even enroll in auto-reload to make ordering On-the-Go with your DD Card even easier. 

10. You’ll Feel Upgraded All Day Long

Skipping the line & paying ahead are great ways to feel like your day has been upgraded. On-the-Go ordering kicks your day off right and helps to make a good day into a great day.

So, what are you waiting for? Speed past the line with On-the-Go Ordering today! If you haven’t already, download the Dunkin’ Donuts Mobile App and sign up for DD Perks today!

For more information on DD Perks, check out our website: https://www.dunkindonuts.com/en/dd-perks