5 Chocolatey Drinks to Warm You Up This Winter

5 Chocolatey Drinks to Warm You Up This Winter

With the Holiday season right around the corner, for many of us that means cooler temperatures and cozying up by the fire with a Hot Chocolate. Here at Dunkin’ we are celebrating sweater weather with five chocolatey drinks to keep you warm this winter!

1. Dunkaccino®

For tasty combination of our classic hot chocolate and coffee flavors, enjoy a Dunkaccino. This beverage is sure to warm you up and keep you running throughout the holiday season.

2. OREO® Hot Chocolate

This hot chocolate features the rich cookies and creme flavors of your favorite OREO® Cookie.

3. Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

This hot chocolate is a delicious combination of sweet and salty.

4. Mint Hot Chocolate

For a fun twist on your favorite chocolate beverage, enjoy a Mint Hot Chocolate.

5. Hot Chocolate

For some, there is nothing like an Original Hot Chocolate to warm up with through the winter.

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OREO® is a trademark of Mondelēz International group, used under license.