How to Create the Ultimate Coffee Cart at Home Inspired by Dunkin’

How to Create the Ultimate Coffee Cart at Home Inspired by Dunkin’

I’m Alicia from - a fashion, lifestyle and travel blog. As a millennial a few years out of college, I like to focus on all things attainable: I’ll show you what you should invest in and what to save on to make the most out of your wardrobe, home décor, vacations and more.. With the rising popularity of drink carts over the past few years, I’m giving the inside scoop on how to create the ultimate Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Cart at Home in three simple steps.

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Over the last few years, drink carts have made a huge comeback. It’s the perfect piece for any hostess: they’re incredibly stylish, you can move them around to any corner of your home and customize them for any occasion. Truly the perfect design for all of your entertaining needs!

As a full-blown coffee aficionado, I decided to transform my drink trolley into a coffee cart. It’s super easy to do and will wow any guests that stop by your home! You can recreate this coffee cart in your own home in a few easy steps.

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1. Picking Out the Perfect Java
Personally, I gravitate towards Dunkin’ Donuts' premium bagged coffee. It has been specially blended and roasted to deliver the same smooth, delicious taste and experience as the coffee available at my local Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant.

As a girl on-the-go, I also love using the Dunkin’ Donuts' Original Blend K-Cup® Pods. I can brew a single serving of coffee in minutes, and I still get that signature Dunkin’ taste. If my guests and I can hang around a bit longer, I’ll use my Dunkin’ Donuts' Original Blend coffee grounds and prepare the coffee with a French Press.

2. Let Your Guests Customize Their Drinks
Stand out as an amazing hostess by stocking your coffee cart with different creamer and sweetener options. You can even make your coffee cart work for parties by adding a few cream liqueurs to the mix! The possibilities are endless.

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3. Add The Perfect Finishing Touches

Make your coffee cart more stylish by adding flowers or plants, a fun letter board, and a few of your favorite books. I love going on Pinterest to get styling inspiration for my cart.

Do you have a coffee cart? How do you style it?