And The Winner Of The #DDCostumeContest Is....

And The Winner Of The #DDCostumeContest Is....

This year, we asked our fans to share their Dunkin’ Donuts-inspired Halloween costumes for the chance to be featured on our Time Square billboard. Drum roll please! And the winner is… @laurencitt!

With a Dunkin’ Drive Thru, COOLATTA®, Donut box and three little MUNCHKINS® boxes, the entire family was all dressed up in amazing Dunkin’-inspired costumes! Even the dog sported a Dunkin’ coffee cup. All eight of them will be featured on our billboard right in Times Square, plus the family has also won $2,500 and a year’s supply of coffee to keep them running until next Halloween!

Credit: @laurencitt

All of our DD fans really outdid themselves this year for our #DDCostumeContest. We’ve received lots of amazing Halloween costumes from families, couples and crews, all inspired by our donuts, coffee, lattes and more.

Our guests really let their creativity flow, with costumes ranging from the elaborate....

Credit: @huskergirlinaz and @yahina25

To the clever….

Credit: @365days.of.good.vibes and @sbtrem

To the downright adorable!

Credit: @courty_the_great and @lindscapatasto

To see all the incredible Dunkin’-inspired Halloween costumes, check out #DDCostumeContest on Instagram. A huge thank you to all our passionate fans who dressed up as Dunkin’and shared your spooktacular costumes with us this Halloween!

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