Announcing our First Single-Origin Brew: Colombian Packaged Coffee!

Announcing our First Single-Origin Brew: Colombian Packaged Coffee!

Today we made the very exciting announcement that Dunkin’ Donuts will be offering Colombian Packaged Coffee in participating stores nationwide while supplies last. This limited time packaged coffee is our first ever single-origin coffee and is also our first-ever Rainforest Alliance Certified™ coffee. After announcing our Rainforest Alliance Certified Iced Green Tea in April, our Colombian Packaged Coffee marks another milestone in our efforts to offer our guests sustainable and high-quality products.



Single-Origin Colombian Brew


We’ve wanted to offer guests a single-origin packaged coffee for quite some time now, and sourcing 100% of our coffee from Colombia was a good fit for a number of reasons.  Registered with the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia, our blend is a medium roast with a full-bodied flavor and sweet finish, showcasing the balanced and lively characteristics that have made Colombian coffee one of the world’s most popular coffee varieties. You have to try it to taste this signature flavor for yourself.

Dunkin’ also has close sustainability ties with Colombia, working with the Rainforest Alliance on a number of technical assistance and training projects with coffee farmers in this country. For instance, one year our goal was to help the farmer’s improve their water filtration methods, since milling coffee is water intensive and results in environmentally harmful byproducts. We were able to help eliminate this hazard and as a result, the farmers were not only putting clean water back in stream for others to use safely, but they were also using less water and improving productivity at a lower cost. The photo to the left is of a Colombian farmer showing the final stage of water filtration through the use of various plants, to clean the waste water from the milling process.


Rainforest Alliance Certified


You may also notice the little green frog on our Colombian Coffee packaging. This is the renowned Rainforest Alliance seal which signifies that our coffee is at least 30% sourced from Rainforest Alliance certified farms. This 30% certification is another step toward becoming and even more sustainable company and we’re happy to be working within the Rainforest Alliance’s three pillars of sustainability as applied to coffee production:

• Environmental, such as the protection of wildlife and mountain forest habitat

• Social, such as better working conditions on the farms

• Economic, such as fair wages for labor and premium payment for the harvest 


We’re thrilled to be releasing this delicious blend, and even more excited that we have certifications with both the Rainforest Alliance and National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia. Our Colombian Packaged Coffee is available in participating restaurants for a limited time so get your coffee quick so you can try this first-of-its kind Dunkin’ brew for yourself!