Anonymous Donor Pays It Forward at Dunkin’ with $4,000 in Gift Cards

Anonymous Donor Pays It Forward at Dunkin’ with $4,000 in Gift Cards

A customer with a soft spot for coffee, donuts, and making people smile is bringing buzz to Beavercreek, Ohio after a very generous pay it forward at his local Dunkin’. It’s not every day that we have someone pull up to the drive-thru and ask that gift cards be used on other guests, especially $4,000 worth. But, that’s exactly what happened at a Dunkin’ restaurant in Beavercreek thanks to an anonymous donor.

What started as a normal day for the restaurant crew suddenly turned into pure sweetness when an anonymous donor pulled up to the drive-thru and asked that $4,000 in gift cards be paid forward to other guests. While it’s not uncommon to see customers paying it forward to the guest behind them in line, kindness of this level blew everyone away.

“We just kept asking if the donor was sure he wanted to pay this much forward to guests,” said Samantha Owens, Dunkin’ Store Manager. “He explained that the last year has been difficult for everyone, and in return, just wanted other Dunkin’ guests to feel good for one day and pay this donation forward to them.”

The donation covered orders from Friday afternoon around 4pm until Saturday morning at 10am. From carloads of families ordering dozens of donuts to the daily coffee run, the Beavercreek community was stunned to find out their orders were completely free. The restaurant crew loved watching the events unfold as customers reacted to the heartwarming gesture.

“When customers heard that their orders were taken care of, they asked to pay it forward to the person behind them, but we had to explain that they were taken care of as well,” said Owens. “It was hilarious because all anyone wanted to do was pay it forward, again.”

Since the generous donation was made, the donor has not been back to the store, but his act of kindness is not going unnoticed in the community. The store has seen significantly more customers coming through its doors that want to pay it forward. While the donor wishes to remain anonymous, his act of kindness will live with the local community forever.

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