How Our New Premium Hot Teas Came To Life

How Our New Premium Hot Teas Came To Life

I am proud to announce Dunkin’ Donuts is launching a new line of Premium Hot Teas. From our culinary lab to your local Dunkin’ Donuts, it’s been my job to bring these new teas to life.

Tea has become increasingly popular in the US, especially among our younger guests. In fact, it’s the second most consumed beverage in the world behind water. More and more our guests want quality options to keep them energized all day every day, so we knew we needed a premium line up of hot teas to delight our guests.

To find the perfect varieties, we tested and tried dozens of new teas from around the world. From classic tea varieties like a traditional breakfast tea to new and exciting ones like Hibiscus Kiss, we needed to make sure each had exactly the right body and flavor profile.

Five vibrant flavors rose to the top:

  • Bold Breakfast Black™ Tea: A bold blend of full leaf black tea for a full bodied flavor.
  • Harmony Leaf Green™ Tea: A vibrant full leaf green tea delivering a delicate earthy flavor.
  • Chamomile Fields™ Herbal Infusion: A caffeine-free herbal infusion featuring chamomile flowers, citrus and herbs combined to offer a fragrant and delicate taste.
  • Hibiscus Kiss™ Herbal Infusion: A caffeine-free herbal infusion featuring hibiscus, herbs and natural berry flavors to deliver bright and juicy flavors in every sip.
  • Cool Mint Herbal Infusion: A caffeine-free herbal infusion combining peppermint leaves and natural herbs to offer a cool, invigorating taste.


Which tea flavor is best for you? Whichever makes you happy! Whether you need a morning pick me up, or something soothing before bed, there is a tea variety for you.

All of our new teas are served in pyramid tea sachets containing high-quality full leaf teas and herbal infusions. The quality sachets and ingredients provide dimensions and depth of flavor, delivering a stronger cup of tea and a more full bodied tea drinking experience.

Try a cup of our new premium hot tea at your local Dunkin’ Donuts, or pick up a box 15 individually wrapped pyramid tea sachets to enjoy at home at participating locations!