Brewing the Perfect Cup of Tea At Home

Brewing the Perfect Cup of Tea At Home

Did you know that January is National Hot Tea Month? This is the perfect time to embrace your love of tea with Dunkin’ Donuts’ new premium teas.

Served in pyramid tea sachets containing high-quality full leaf teas and herbal infusions, our new premium tea delivers a full bodied taste in five vibrant flavors:

  • Bold Breakfast Black™ Tea: A bold blend of full leaf black tea for a full bodied flavor.
  • Harmony Leaf Green™ Tea: A vibrant full leaf green tea delivering a delicate earthy flavor.
  • Chamomile Fields™ Herbal Infusion: A caffeine-free herbal infusion featuring chamomile flowers, citrus and herbs combined to offer a fragrant and delicate taste.
  • Hibiscus Kiss™ Herbal Infusion: A caffeine-free herbal infusion featuring hibiscus, herbs and natural berry flavors to deliver bright and juicy flavors in every sip.
  • Cool Mint Herbal Infusion: A caffeine-free herbal infusion combining peppermint leaves and natural herbs to offer a cool, invigorating taste.


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Grab a cup of your favorite flavor hot tea at your local Dunkin’, or you can pick up a box of 15 individually wrapped tea sachets to brew yourself at home. For the tea novices out there, here are six easy steps for brewing the perfect cup of tea at home: 

  1. Add freshly drawn, cold water to a tea kettle. Purified or spring water works best to avoid any pollutants which might impact the tea’s taste.
  2. Bring the water to a gentle boil and then remove from the heat. Allowing the water to boil too long can leave the tea tasting flat.
  3. Pour hot water into teacups to warm them and then pour it out – this helps ensure the hot tea is a uniform temperature.
  4. Add the Dunkin’ Donuts tea sachet to the teacup, and then pour hot water over the tea.
  5. Allow the tea to steep. How long depends on your personal preference for how strong or weak you like your tea, but generally 3-5 minutes is a good benchmark.
  6. Remove the tea sachet, add in milk, sugar or lemon if desired, and enjoy!

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