Dunkin’ Runs on Starship Robots at George Mason University

Dunkin’ Runs on Starship Robots at George Mason University

As the brand known for speed and convenience, we’re always looking for opportunities to use new technologies to get our coffees, donuts and breakfast sandwiches to people as fast and easily as possible. And now, at George Mason University, for the first time we’re turning to delivery robots to help people run on Dunkin’ more rapidly than ever.

George Mason University has partnered with Starship Technologies and Sodexo to help transform the future of food delivery, with robots delivering favorite Dunkin’ menu items to students on campus usually within 15 minutes or fewer. With a fleet of more than 25 robots at launch, this represents the biggest implementation of autonomous robot food delivery services on a university campus anywhere in the world.



The service is easy, as students place an order via the app, drop a pin for the delivery location and watch an interactive map tracking the robot as it makes its way across campus. When the robot arrives, students get a notification, and are able to unlock the robot using the same app.

Robot 3


The delivery fee only costs $1.99, making it an affordable option as well as a quick and convenient one. Starship is looking to expand this service to more campuses nationwide, with more robots helping more students run on Dunkin’ soon.

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