Brighten up your day with a DoNUT Worry, Be Happy DD Card!

Brighten up your day with a DoNUT Worry, Be Happy DD Card!

We are excited to introduce to you our new Artist Series DD Cards, with the first installment being our “DoNUT Worry, Be Happy” Card from blogger and social media influencer, Amy Tangerine! The Artist Series DD Cards will be available via the Dunkin’ Mobile® App, and will be designed by artists across the country. We are so excited to share this new concept with you and hope you enjoy the first card of the series as much as we do. You can grab it today on the Dunkin’ Mobile App here, and look for more throughout the year!

Why’d we pick DD Cards to showcase our new Artist Series? DD Cards are one of the most convenient ways to pay and get rewarded at Dunkin’ Donuts, so it was an easy choice. We offer so many options for DD Cards to make it easy for you to purchase and use on every Dunkin’ run. You can pick one up at your local Dunkin’ and reload it right in-store, or skip the plastic and download the Dunkin’ Mobile App where you can display your DD Card digitally.  Also, did you know you can upload your favorite photos to a DD Card? Visit the “Buy a Card” page on and see all the ways you can buy/send the best gift there is: Dunkin’!

We hope you enjoy our new Artist Series DD Cards! Let us know what you think on FacebookTwitter and Instagram!

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