Calling All Coolatta® Lovers! Are You Team Fruit or Team Cookie?

Calling All Coolatta® Lovers! Are You Team Fruit or Team Cookie?

Coolatta® frozen beverages are the ultimate summertime drink. Not only are they perfect to sip on as you drive with your windows down and your radio up, but they’re also everything you’d want when you relax by the pool in the sunshine. That being said, every Coolatta lover faces one major dilemma every time they pull up to a Dunkin’ Donuts: which one do I choose?



You could go for a fun, fruit-flavored Coolatta. Strawberry, Orange and new Mango Passionfruit Coolattas are sweet, colorful and downright irresistible. You can even get your favorite fruit flavor as a new Coolatta Lite®, with 33-80% fewer calories. On the other hand, there are also cookie-flavored Coolattas. You can enjoy the amazing combination of cookies and crème or that classic chocolate chip cookie taste. Plus, they each have cookie mix-ins in every sip!



So what will it be? Are you Team Fruit or Team Cookie? For the next few weeks, we are asking YOU to share your preference with us and maybe even a cool picture or fun video of you enjoying your favorite Coolatta. Use the hashtags #coolcookie and #coolfruit on FacebookTwitter or Instagram to cast your vote for Team Cookie or Team Fruit. You can Snapchat us as well (dunkindonuts) and take a snap of either a cookie- or fruit-flavored Coolatta to let us know which one you think reigns supreme.

Which will come out of top? Stay tuned for the results of the Coolatta showdown!

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