Choosing the Perfect Dozen for Your Holiday Party

Choosing the Perfect Dozen for Your Holiday Party

A dozen donuts are the perfect way to bring joy to any holiday gathering. But with 70 varieties of donuts available, which 12 do you choose? Our Executive Chef, Jeff Miller, joins us to give his perfect holiday dozen.

This holiday season, the word “Joy” isn’t just featured on our festive coffee cups…it’s displayed on our donut boxes as well, for good reason. In so many ways, donuts bring a smile to your face and often play a role in bringing people together during the holidays. Whether it's a party with friends, a special holiday treat for the office, or a family gathering at home, a dozen donuts are sure to delight.

If you need a little help thinking inside the box and deciding which donuts to bring to your celebration, check out my selections below. To put together the perfect holiday dozen, I chose a mix of signature classics, holiday specials, and personal favorites.*

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1. Candy Cane Crunch

To build a joyful box, you need some holiday donuts! I started with our Candy Cane Crunch, our special donut filled with vanilla flavored buttercreme and topped with white icing and crushed candy cane pieces, available only through the end of the year.

2. Boston Kreme Croissant Donut

Another donut available only through the holidays, this deluxe treat has 24 layers of soft, flaky, buttery dough filled with Bavarian creme and finished with a chocolate icing drizzle. 

3. Old Fashioned

No dozen box would be complete without the classics. The Old Fashioned is our signature cake donut, still perfect for dunking in your coffee.

4. Glazed

Another classic, this yeast ring donut has just the right amount of sweet glaze.

5. Strawberry Frosted

Featuring brightly colored sprinkles, this donut is a favorite for both kids and adults.

6. Boston Kreme

Another true classic donut, filled with Bavarian creme and topped with chocolate icing. Did you know it was inspired by the Boston Cream Pie?

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7. Glazed Chocolate Cake

Delicious chocolate cake needs to be part of any dozen box of donuts!

8. French Cruller

I had to add in a French Cruller, as it’s a personal favorite of mine! This hybrid donut stands out for its unique ridged design and its custardy texture.

9. Glazed Blueberry Cake

This donut is a great addition, especially if you are bringing along a Box 'O Joe® to the party as well. It pairs particularly with coffee, as a lot of coffees will have a natural blueberry note to them.

10. Butternut

I added in this crunchy coated treat for a little extra texture among my dozen.

11. Jelly

What dozen would be complete without a Jelly donut?

12. Holiday Decorated Donuts

To wrap up any holiday dozen, you need a classic holiday decorated donut. Many local donut decorators get creative with their holiday decorated donuts - I went for a frosted donut with a Christmas tree on top. 

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What donuts are in your own perfect dozen? Be sure to stop by your local Dunkin’ Donuts for a dozen or two for any holiday gathering this season. And don’t forget to share how donuts are helping you ring in the holidays on FacebookTwitter and Instagram

* Donut availability varies by location

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