Common Grounds

Common Grounds

Connecting through coffee and tees

Every morning, we each have a choice: what kind of energy will I bring to this day? To answer positively, we sometimes need a little help from our friends. Music. Exploding fist bumps. Fuel of any kind.

Back when we were running ragged hawking our t-shirts on the streets of Boston, PB & J was our go-to meal at any hour. A good sales stretch (admittedly rare) would sometimes be rewarded with an on-the-fly Dunkin’ Bacon, Egg and Cheese Sandwich. It was fast and good, and it didn’t require any nonsense, like condiments or utensils. 

Dunkin’ has been fueling hard-working Americans short on time for a long time and they do it with hustle, efficiency and positive energy. They understand how impactful our individual energy can be.  Regardless of the weather, traffic or the latest crazy news—we can choose to bring some good to the counter, where a warm smile or laugh can be as powerful as a hot, delicious brew. We are excited to partner with Dunkin’ to design new crew uniforms unveiled today as part of the brand’s Next Generation concept store in Quincy, MA.

Life is Good Uniform


At Life is Good, we don’t know the secret to great coffee, but we understand common ground.  We know art brings people together and that optimism can take you anywhere.  We learned this from brave customers fighting to overcome great adversity, who somehow find a way to find the good and make it grow.  These people are the heart and soul of our brand. Their stories continue to pour in and fuel us today. 

Our mission remains pretty simple: to spread the power of optimism. We’re thrilled to be able to do just that with a brand that fuels people every day to do what they do best. Whether you’re making the coffee here or coming by to pick it up, remember that the little things are the big things.  Every connection you make can change the course of someone’s day.   

Keep spreading good vibes, 

Bert & John Jacobs

Life is Good