Twenty Years of Keeping Cool with Coolatta

Twenty Years of Keeping Cool with Coolatta

For twenty years, our guests having been keeping cool with COOLATTA® frozen beverages. This year, you can celebrate warmer weather and the start of summer ’17 with our featured lineup of four fun and fruity seasonal Coolatta flavors! 



It was 20 years ago that Dunkin’ Donuts’ beverage menu became much “cooler” as we welcomed Coolatta frozen beverages to our restaurants nationwide. There’s no better way to celebrate our “Coolattaversary” and stay refreshed this summer than with our new Pink Lemonade Coolatta!

Whether you’re trying to keep cool at the beach or at a backyard BBQ, you can enjoy the new Pink Lemonade Coolatta, returning favorite Blue Raspberry or classic flavors like Strawberry and Vanilla Bean. All four refreshing flavors are available in select markets for a limited time this season.



Over the years, our team has created quite a collection of Coolatta frozen beverage flavors. Some have been available for only a limited time or in select parts of the world, while others have helped keep our fans refreshed for years. In honor of twenty years of Coolatta frozen beverages, we are looking back at twenty of our favorite Coolatta varieties from the past two decades:

1. Berry Blast

2. Chips Ahoy!

3. Frozen Arnold Palmer

4. Grape

5. Hot Chocolate

6. Kiwi

7. Lemonade

8. Mango Passion Fruit

9. Mint Oreo®

10. Orange Mango

11. Oreo®

12. Pina Colada

13. Pumpkin Pie

14. Raspberry Lime

15. Sour Apple

16. Sour Cherry

17. Strawberry

18. Strawberry Kiwi

19. Superfruit

20. Vanilla Bean

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