Create your own DD Valentine's Day Cards!

Create your own DD Valentine's Day Cards!

Need a last minute Valentine’s card? We’ve got you covered with something sweet! Starting today and lasting to Tuesday, February 17, we’re offering our fans a DDelicious and downloadable image of our heart shaped donuts! This image can be inserted into any picture, using the MAC or PC instructions below, to create a pretty “sweet” Valentine’s Day card for your one and only.  This super simple and creative twist on a classic Valentine’s card will sweep your loved one off their feet, so say “Be Mine” in just the following five easy steps.            



Instructions for MAC users


1)      Download our Valentine’s Day image here and open on your desktop



2)      Select your favorite photo and open it on your desktop



3)      Copy and paste our Valentine card onto your photo



4)      Resize as you’d like!



5)      Share your Valentine’s Card on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with #ShareTheLove! 



Instructions for PC users


1)      Download our Valentine’s Day image here and save on your desktop



2)       Use your favorite photo editing site (we used Pixlr) and upload your Valentine's Day image and our donut image 



3.       Drag and drop the Valentine’s image onto your image



4.       Once template is on image, select the Free Transform tool in your photo editor



5)       Resize template as desired, save and share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #ShareTheLove!



We look forwarDD to seeing your #ShareTheLove images! Be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for more fun digital creations like this!

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