Dancing Pumpkin Man Welcomes the Return of Pumpkin at Dunkin’

Dancing Pumpkin Man Welcomes the Return of Pumpkin at Dunkin’

Pumpkin is coming! To welcome the fall favorite, we’ve enlisted the internet sensation and king of memes himself, Dancing Pumpkin Man.

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Who is Dancing Pumpkin Man? By day he is a musical improv comedian, but by night Matt Geiler dons a black unitard and a pumpkin mask and starts dancing. It all started more than ten years ago, while Geiler was an anchor for a news station in Omaha, Nebraska. “We were getting pretty close to going live one night and there was a hole in the broadcast,” says Geiler. “There wasn’t really any time to write or produce anything, and since it was Halloween I thought I could kill a few minutes by putting that costume on and dancing around in front of a green screen. It was literally a last-ditch attempt to come up with something in a matter of minutes.”

And Dancing Pumpkin Man was born. Since then, the video and subsequent memes have gone viral and now, Dancing Pumpkin Man is helping us welcome back pumpkin at Dunkin’. Check out the fun video below:

“Dancing Pumpkin Man, by definition, has to be excited about the arrival of fall and pumpkin-flavored anything. Plus, I’m a huge Dunkin’ Donuts fan in real life, so I’m thrilled to help celebrate the return of all things pumpkin at Dunkin’,” says Geiler.

Our Pumpkin lineup returns to Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants nationwide by August 28, including our Pumpkin flavored coffee and lattes, donuts, MUNCHKINS®, muffins and new Pumpkin Cream Cheese Spread. Also joining our fall flavors this year is the new Maple Pecan flavored coffees, the new Maple Sugar Bacon Breakfast Sandwich, and the new Festive Fall Donut.

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