“Donut Boy’s” Mission to Thank Every Cop in America with Donuts

“Donut Boy’s” Mission to Thank Every Cop in America with Donuts

8-year-old Tyler, also known as “Donut Boy,” has a mission to thank all 900,000 cops in America by delivering donuts, one station at a time.

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Currently living in Florida, Tyler and his mother Sheena have traveled to numerous police stations in five states, from Oregon to Florida, to hand out more than 4,500 donuts, and we were honored to help support his most recent stop in Georgia.

Last week, Tyler handed out 12 dozen donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts to the Georgia Police Chief Association and gave a brief speech, thanking them for putting on their uniforms and serving every single day. He also played a song he wrote for the police called "Fear Not." Check out the adorable video below:

In his own words, Tyler says on his Facebook page:

Cops are my best friends. They keep me safe! Cops favorite drink is coffee and their favorite food is donuts. After recently meeting 4 cops at my local store and buying them donuts, I have decided that I now want to give donuts to all the cops in America. My mom says that she doesn't know if I can give donuts to every single cop, but that she will help me give them to as many as possible and come up with other ways to say THANK YOU to our protectors everywhere. One day I want to be a cop and protect the world too, so this is very important to me! Don't forget to THANK A COP TODAY!

And thank YOU to Tyler for supporting our law enforcement professionals across America! To learn more about “Donut Boy” and his mission, check out his Facebook page, “I DONUT Need a Reason to Thank a Cop.”