The Story Behind our NEW Double-Walled Paper Cup

The Story Behind our NEW Double-Walled Paper Cup

In early 2018, as part of our commitment to serve both the planet and people responsibly, we announced plans to eliminate all polystyrene foam cups in our global supply chain with a targeted completion date of 2020. To replace the foam cup, Dunkin’ U.S. restaurants will use a new double-walled paper cup made with paperboard certified to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Standard.  

You may be wondering, will this new cup still keep my coffee hot? Our new double-walled paper cup has heat retention properties that are equal to our foam cup, meaning coffee will stay hot and hands will be cool- eliminating the need for a sleeve. The Dunkin’ cup will come in four sizes and will be used for all of our hot beverages. Check out the below map to see when and where these changes have been or will be made:



Since rolling the cup out in the spring of 2018, we are on track to meet our 2020 commitment and projected to have over 70% of our U.S. system converted to the new cup by the end of 2019. Our elimination of foam is expected to remove approximately 1 billion foam cups annually from the waste stream.

As part of our efforts to offer more sustainable packaging to our guests, we recently conducted a successful test for a new hot coffee cup lid that is fully recyclable. The new lid is made of #5 polypropylene and can be recycled in cities and towns that offer #5 recycling. We have started to transition our system and are projected to have 100% of our system converted by the middle of 2020. The new lid has the same features our guests love and pairs nicely with our new double-walled paper cup. This transition, along with our move to the double-walled paper cup, will remove 19 million pounds of polystyrene from the waste stream annually. Pretty awesome, huh? To learn more about our sustainability efforts, check out our 2017-2018 Sustainabilty Report. 

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