Dunkin' Brands Employees Show off Their Donut Decorating Skills on National Donut Day

Dunkin' Brands Employees Show off Their Donut Decorating Skills on National Donut Day

Donuts are something that we take very seriously at the DD Mothership—especially on National Donut Day! Over 60 employees took a break from the daily grinDD to compete in a National Donut Day donut decorating contest on Friday, June 1. Rows of freshly-baked plain yeast donuts came to life as employees got creative with filling, icing, and sprinkles. Tough day at the office!


Our very festive National Donut Day entry table!


While some donut decorators stuck to their go-to favorite flavors, others used more adventurous combinations, such as a double-filled Bavarian cream and apple-raspberry jelly donut and a strawberry-frosted donut with mint bark sprinkles.


Dunkin' Brands employees use filling, frosting, icing and toppings for delicious creations!


Once the donut designs were complete, decorators placed them on tables where other employees could vote for their favorite. The competition was intense as voters decided among an “abstract” Jackson Pollack-inspired design, colorful hibiscus flowers, zoo animals, insects, and a beach scene. Many Boston sports fans showed their Celtics pride with “Go Celtics!” and “Beat the Heat!” themed donuts.

Check out the winning donut design, entitled “Sign of Spring”! This ladybug donut beat over 60 entries for the grand prize—a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card, a customized donut trophy, and year-long bragging rights.


"Sign of Spring" takes first place!


Our National Donut Day extravaganza also featured mocha and caramel Frozen Coffee tastings and festive DD swag giveaways. Our refreshing Frozen Coffee will be in DD restaurants to keep you running all summer!

Don’t you wish every day could be National Donut Day?


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