Dunkin’ Docs: Honoring Dunkin’ Franchisee Tali Burton’s Support of Fellow Veterans

Dunkin’ Docs: Honoring Dunkin’ Franchisee Tali Burton’s Support of Fellow Veterans

In honor of Veterans Day, we our saluting Marine vet and Dunkin’ franchisee, Tali Burton. In the first film of our new video series, Dunkin’ Docs, we share Tali’s story.

Tali proudly served in the military, and upon returning to civilian life he brought a taste of home to fellow servicemen and women by opening Dunkin’ locations on military bases. In addition to supporting military families at his restaurants, Tali has dedicated each of his locations to a fallen service member, and on their birthday each year donates 10% of store sales to the service member’s family’s charity of choice. He dedicated his first Dunkin’ restaurant to his best friend, who had a lifelong love of coffee.

Learn more about Tali’s journey below:

This is the first video in a new online documentary series called Dunkin’ Docs. Created together with our agency partner BBDO, each film focuses on a story of how Dunkin’ has uniquely impacted people’s lives, and has come to serve not just delicious coffee and food, but so much more.

Here at Dunkin’ we believe that positivity is in demand, and that is why each Dunkin’ Doc is created and designed to share and spread a little optimism. These aren’t just significant stories for Dunkin’ to tell as a brand, they are important stories for today. Stay tuned here on our blog for more Dunkin’ Docs.

Learn more about how Dunkin’ and our franchisees are supporting Veteran’s and active serve members this Veteran’s Day here.


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