Dunkin' Donuts Asked: What Cool Adventures Are You Having this Summer?

Dunkin' Donuts Asked: What Cool Adventures Are You Having this Summer?

Summer is one of our favorite times of year here at Dunkin’ Donuts.  It’s full of beautiful weather, awesome vacations and quality time with friends and family!  In late July, Dunkin’ Donuts asked fans to tweet about their cool upcoming summer plans to enter the #DDAdventures sweepstakes, for the chance to win a $100 DD Card and OREO prize pack.  Inspired by their responses, we wanted to share some of the cool adventures DD fans are having this summer!


DD Fan Lorraine brought her DD Iced Coffee to the beautiful beaches of Aruba this summer - we're jealous!

Some DD fans are blazing new trails & trying something new:

  • AlexisLynne - @DunkinDonuts flying for the first time to see my best friend in Texas and road tripping back to NY with her #DDAdventures
  • Serene_streams  - @DunkinDonuts @Oreo I'm going Scuba Diving for the first time for my #DDAdventures this summer!
  • HeyItsMisterT - @DunkinDonuts #DDAdventures : I plan on uprooting my life & starting someplace new. If that's not an adventure then I don't know what is. :)


Others are hitting the roaDD for travel adventures:

  • Chucksmurf - @DunkinDonuts I will be headed to Maine next Friday and we have to get Coolatas before we start driving, it's tradition. #DDadventures
  • ICtine - Hey @DunkinDonuts @oreo headed on a roadtrip to a summer music festival, need lots of energy to dance all weekend! #DDAdventures
  • KitKateBee - @DunkinDonuts #DDadventures gearing up for a shark tournament off Martha's Vineyard! Nothing like an @Oreo #Coolatta on board!


DD Coffee is a great companion out on the water! DD Fan Miguel took his cup on a morning kayak ride.


Many are gearing up for exciting life events:

  • stepheam - @DunkinDonuts Becoming a father in Aug. Need lots'o DD coffee to stay awake for this great summer adventure #DDAdventures
  • MrsLaurieMarie - @DunkinDonuts #DDAdventures I'm planning on renewing my wedding vows with my Corgi as the ring bearer. You can't beat a corgi in a suit!
  • Bessiejking - Hey @DunkinDonuts! My adventure will be island hopping in Greece as a mini college reunion, took long to plan but worth it! #DDAdventures


And others shared that some of the best adventures happen at home:

  • JaniceCash - @DunkinDonuts @Oreo My summer adventure is keeping up with my 8 grandchildren, an adventure in itself #DDAdventures
  • JustAMomToTwins - @DunkinDonuts Nothing cooler than a 'staycation' w/family in our pool. As good as our adventure gets :) #DDAdventures


What awesome adventures are you having this summer? We want to know! Tell us on our Facebook page.