Dunkin’ Donuts Guests Share What Brings Them Luck in “GooDDLuck Twitter Sweepstakes”

Dunkin’ Donuts Guests Share What Brings Them Luck in “GooDDLuck Twitter Sweepstakes”

Did you have a good St. Patrick’s Day celebration? We certainly did! Around the Dunkin’ Donuts office, affectionately known as the DD Mothership, employees were spotted wearing green and enjoying festive Green Shamrock and Lucky Mint Donuts from the third floor bakery case throughout the week. Many also entered for a chance to win an employee “Luck of the Irish” raffle, with proceeds going to benefit The Dunkin’ Donuts & Baskin-Robbins Community Foundation.


Green Shamrock & Lucky Mint Donuts


Dunkin’ Donuts also extended its St. Patrick’s Day celebration outside the walls of the DD Mothership. In addition to St. Patrick’s Day donuts, Dunkin’ ran a “GooDDLuck Twitter Sweepstakes,” where followers of @DunkinDonuts were asked to tweet what brings them luck and #GooDDLuck for a chance to win a $50 DD Card. From March 12 – March 16, Dunkin’ Donuts awarded seven lucky entrants a $50 DD Card. In the spirit of spreading the luck, we thought it would be fun to share what our randomly selected winners believe brings them luck. From lucky chains, to team caps, super sweet pink argyle socks and more, here’s a few #GooDDLuck charms from our fans:

  • @SaraJamisonZ Talking on the phone with my grandma brings me luck before a test! @DunkinDonuts #GooDDLuck   
  • @SteelCityPC @DunkinDonuts I carry an Irish worry stone in my pocket, given to me by a close friend, for #GooDDLuck every day.  
  • @Tim_Robb @DunkinDonuts I wear medallions with names of my family members on them on my fire dept bunker gear.  Always brings #gooDDluck
  • @RIEality @DunkinDonuts My favorite purple pen brings me luck! #GooDDLuck!
  • @GarryPinner @DunkinDonuts #GooDDLuck My lucky chain gives me good luck! I never take it off.
  • @JustinStrawn @DunkinDonuts #GooDDLuck Wearing a cap of my favorite team brings me good luck #mostofthetime
  • @matthew_cain @DunkinDonuts Pink argyle socks usually bring me #GooDDLuck. I've worn them to two successful interviews (and many unsuccessful first dates)


Speaking of those pink argyle socks, DD fan @matthew_cain was kinDD enough to tweet us a photo of his sweet socks. We've always had a thing for pink!


We hope all of our DD fans had a great St. Patrick's Day! Oh, and stay tuneDD, as we're always hosting fun contests and sweepstakes on Twitter. Maybe you'll luck out next!