Dunkin’ Donuts Trip Planner Will Keep Your Road Trip Running This Summer Travel Season

Dunkin’ Donuts Trip Planner Will Keep Your Road Trip Running This Summer Travel Season

The summer travel season is upon us, and with millions of travelers planning to hit the road beginning this Memorial Day weekend, we’re pretty sure that traffic and long durations in the car will result in a much needed pit-stop (or two). That’s where our Trip Planner comes in handy. Developed as part of our DunkinDonuts.com redesign, our Trip Planner feature allows travelers to map out all of the Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants along their road trip.



So, how does our Trip Planner work? Simply type in a start and end address. (Tip: enlist your co-pilot if you’re driving!) The Trip Planner feature will let you know the most direct route and list accessible Dunkin’ Donuts locations from point A to point B, no matter the distance. Select individual restaurants for details such as opening hours and whether or not there is a drive-thru. You can even have directions sent to your mobile phone for easy access along the way!

We tested out the Trip Planner for a trip between Boston and Hyannis, Massachusetts and discovered more than 50 DD locations accessible along the highway. We also uncovered eight Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants between West Palm Beach and Miami, Florida, and 22 DD’s on the famed Jersey Shore between New York City and Seaside Heights, NJ. All of these road trips can easily run on Dunkin’.

If you’re traveling through an area with less Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants, don’t fret. The Trip Planner gives you the opportunity to add as many DD’s as you like into the directions to keep you running on our delicious coffee and baked goods throughout your journey.

Visit our Trip Planner on DunkinDonuts.com today to start planning your weekend adventure! Safe travels this Memorial Day!