The Story Behind Dunkin’s Exclusive Menu of Coffee Beverages at Next-Generation Stores

The Story Behind Dunkin’s Exclusive Menu of Coffee Beverages at Next-Generation Stores

This Sunday, September 29, is National Coffee Day, and in celebration of one of our favorite holidays, we’re giving our fans a behind-the-scenes look at all-things coffee at Dunkin’! Be sure to follow along all week for a special blog series featuring exclusive National Coffee Day content.

Earlier this week we announced that for the first time ever, Dunkin’ has launched a new menu of coffee beverages exclusively sold at our more than 300 next-generation restaurants across the country. Keep reading to get the inside scoop on the menu and delicious, new coffee creations.

If you’re not already a regular at your local next-generation Dunkin’, you’ll want to check it out. The state-of-the-art restaurant design – which first debuted in January 2018 in our hometown of Quincy, MA – features a modern atmosphere, innovative technologies and exciting elements, like a tap system serving eight consistently cold beverages such as Cold Brew coffee and Nitro-infused Cold Brew coffee.

According to the Product Innovation team here at Dunkin’, the new, coffee-forward menu was created to further differentiate our next-generation stores and give our guests even more elevated offerings as part of the store-of-the-future experience. The exclusive menu, featuring three handcrafted, coffeehouse-style drinks, includes:  

Shakerato: A bold beverage with two shots of sweetened espresso, swirled to create a cold foam layer.


Cold Brew Latte: The smooth taste of Dunkin’ Cold Brew combined with the creaminess of a latte for the ultimate cold brew experience.

Cold brew

Café Au Lait: Our classic Dark Roast coffee mixed with steamed milk for a rich and creamy coffee beverage (available hot or iced!).

Cafe Au Leit

Even better? This is just the beginning of our next-generation exclusive menu! We’re looking forward to evolving the menu over time with exciting, new offerings (including beverages AND food!). Keep on the lookout for additional items coming to next-generation stores near you in 2020.

Now you may be wondering, “where can I find the Dunkin’ next-generation restaurant nearest me?” Check out the below interactive map of our current next-generation locations to try these items today!



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