Dunkin’ Launches Its First-Ever Bike-Thru Lane in the Philippines

Dunkin’ Launches Its First-Ever Bike-Thru Lane in the Philippines

Our guests know and love the Dunkin’ drive-thru, but how would you like picking up your favorite coffee and donut at a Dunkin’ bike-thru? Dunkin’ guests in the Philippines can now do just that with our first-ever drive-thru lane dedicated to bikes. Whether the Dunkin’ craving hits while riding a traditional bike, moped, or motorcycle, it’s now even easier for the Philippines’ large population of bikers to get their Dunkin’ order and get on their way.

The bike-thru lane first opened at a Dunkin’ restaurant in Quezon City in January 2021 and has been receiving rave reviews ever since. To place an order, bikers can simply ride up to the bike-thru lane, place their order at the speaker, then pay and pick up their items at the window.

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“We’re very proud to bring Dunkin’s first bike-thru lane in the world to the Philippines, giving our guests even more access and choice on their terms,” said Rini Ernawati, Regional Vice President of Asia Pacific at Dunkin’. “Our licensee, Golden Donuts Inc., has been a pioneer in the industry by providing innovative and relevant experiences to meet our customers’ needs. We’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from guests and employees, and we look forward to expanding this exciting offering to even more Dunkin’ Philippines locations soon.”

The bike-thru lane isn’t the only innovation from Dunkin’ Philippines! The team recently took another one of their restaurants in Quezon City to new heights (literally!) with an “al fresco” roof deck. Guests can kick back and get some fresh air atop the new restaurant while enjoying their favorite Dunkin’ treats.

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