When Will Dunkin' Dining Rooms Reopen?

When Will Dunkin' Dining Rooms Reopen?

With more than 90% of Dunkin’ locations open for carry-out service, we are now exploring the most judicious ways to once again offer in-restaurant dining. Throughout this crisis, our number one priority has been – and will remain – the health and safety of restaurant employees and guests.

Dunkin’ was one of the first restaurant chains to close its dining rooms and Dunkin’ restaurants have implemented enhanced safety standards and measures, beginning with social distancing and required hygiene training, followed quickly by distribution of single-use gloves, face masks, plexiglass shields for each restaurant’s front counter, and recommended restaurant employee health checks using infrared thermometers.

As more cities open up for business, we are assessing how we can safely reopen dining areas, following the guidance of public health officials. We’re pleased that over the coming weeks, franchisees plan to start reopening a small number of dining rooms in select states that have lifted their stay-at-home orders. We're enthusiastic, but cautious about reopening dining rooms. While we know guests are looking forward to this happening, it won't happen until we and our franchisees are ready.

Additionally, with masks continuing to be a requirement for all employees at Dunkin’ restaurants for the foreseeable future, the brand has created four new Dunkin’-inspired face mask designs. The masks will be available for purchase on our online pop-up shop beginning in June, and will retail for $10 (plus applicable tax and shipping), with $3 of each purchase to be donated to the Dunkin’ Joy in Childhood Foundation’s COVID-19 relief funds. For more information on the Dunkin’ Joy in Childhood Foundation, please visit bringjoy.org.

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Below is an overview of the enhanced preventative measures we’ve implemented as a brand at all restaurants nationwide to-date:

  • Eliminated all dine-in options: We’re currently limiting service to drive-thru, carry-out, delivery, and curbside pick-up, at select locations. All restaurants have closed their dining rooms and outdoor patios to prevent the congregation of customers.
  • Encouraged mobile ordering and delivery: We encourage guests to order ahead with the Dunkin’ App or order Dunkin’ for delivery with Grubhub or other delivery partners, whenever possible, to limit person-to-person contact.
  • Established health protocols for restaurant employees: We’re highly recommending franchisees conduct pre-shift employee health checks, including taking body temperatures using an FDA-cleared, infrared, no-touch thermometer, which the brand has shipped to every Dunkin’ U.S. restaurant. We’ve also implemented temporary brand standards requiring restaurant employees to wear single-use gloves, regardless of the task, and non-medical masks, with instructions on proper use and care.   
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  • Minimized restaurant employee and guest interactions: We’ve implemented a temporary brand standard requiring installation of plexiglass as a physical barrier between restaurant employees and guests at the front counter of all restaurants open for carry-out. To encourage social distancing amongst restaurant employees, we continue to emphasize the importance of “work-circles” and maintaining a 6-foot distance. We also recommend that restaurant employees use trays to hand orders to guests at the drive-thru window.
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  • Implemented extra cleaning precautions: Beyond our already stringent standards, franchisees have increased the frequency of handwashing and cleaning procedures, including disinfecting high-touch surfaces in all restaurants. Some locations are reducing their hours of operation to allow extra time for deep cleaning and disinfection. We’ve also mandated that all franchisees and their employees retake online food safety and hygiene training courses.
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  • Protected guests inside restaurants: We temporarily suspended our refillable travel mug program and removed condiment stations. Franchisees have placed markings on restaurant floors in six-foot increments, where guests can maintain social distancing while standing in line waiting for carry-out.
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You have been there for us as loyal guests showing your passion and love for the brand. We’re committed to being there for you, serving you in the safest way possible based on recommendations from health officials. We’ve got your back.

You can continue to stay informed on our response to COVID-19 here.

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