Five Ways to Properly Celebrate National Donut Day!

Five Ways to Properly Celebrate National Donut Day!

Today is National Donut Day and needless to say, we are so exciteDD! Today is all about expressing your love for donuts and we’re here to help you do just that. From free donuts, to recipes, to donut art work, here are five ways you can properly get your donut love-fest on this National Donut Day. 



Credit: Atsuyo Takada


1.       Get a Free Donut!

We’re celebrating National Donut Day the only way we know how, by giving our guests a free donut when they purchase a beverage! This offer is available while supplies last, so be sure to stop in early to get your donut. Reading this post from another country? No problem! This offer is also valid at participating restaurants across the globe, so stop on by and celebrate Donut Day the right way.

2.       Make a Donut-Inspired Recipe

Donuts are fun to eat on their own, but they’re also great ingredients to incorporate into a larger dish, especially if you’re looking to impress friends or family with your cooking skills. We have a ton of simple recipes created by our Culinary Team that incorporate donuts. We suggest trying the PB&J MUNCHKINS®Croissant Donut Tiramisu Napoleon or Ice Cream Sandwich Donut to get started!


3.       Get a Global Perspective

Donuts are a treat that people around the world enjoy and it’s always interesting to learn about different flavor profiles of different countries. We cater to local taste buds in all 37 countries we have restaurants in, and it’s always fun to see unique donuts from all corners of the world. Today, our Twitter feed will showcase five donuts from our international restaurants, including a Black Cheese Topped Donut from Indonesia that features a chocolate frosted donut with a ring of vanilla cream on the side that’s topped with cheese! Follow along with us on Twitter at@DunkinDonuts to see all the different donuts from around the worlDD!


4.       Channel your Inner Artist

This National Donut Day, we’ve teamed up with talented artists and photographers from around the country to create donut art – yes, donut art. The picture on the left was created by Kevin Turner (Instagram: turnone) and the first photo in this blog was created by Atsuyo Takada (Instagram: atsuyoworld). For a look at more cool donut images like these, visit our Instagram page, username DunkinDonuts. We’ll also compile all the donut art work from the artists we worked with in an upcoming post next week!

5.       SpreaDD the Donut Joy

Today we’ll be tweeting images of our donuts from around the worlDD, posting Vines and sharing cool donut art throughout the day. We want you to help us keep the joy that is National Donut Day going by using the #NationalDonutDay hashtag and tagging @DunkinDonuts in your posts! Whether you tweet about your love of donuts, make one of our donut recipes, or take a quick snap of your free donut, we want to hear about it! Happy National Donut Day everyone!