Getting America Running

Getting America Running

Letter from Dunkin’ Brands CEO Dave Hoffmann

Dunkin’ Family,

Throughout this pandemic, we have been guided by one principle: to do what’s right. Nothing is more important to us than the safety of Dunkin’ crew members and guests. Our franchisees, who are small business owners closely connected to the communities they serve, have gone the extra mile to keep their restaurants safely open and their people employed whenever possible. Dunkin’ was one of the first chains to close in-restaurant dining, and we quickly implemented national safety standards including:

  • Requiring hygiene training on best-in-class restaurant sanitization and disinfection practices;
  • Enforcing social distancing requirements, behind and in front of the counter;
  • Requiring the use of face masks and single-use gloves by all restaurant employees;
  • Installing plexiglass sneeze guards at the front counter;
  • Providing franchisees with infrared thermometers to perform pre-shift employee health checks; and
  • Assessing additional innovative safety measures on an ongoing basis. 

During all of this, 90 percent of Dunkin’ restaurants in the U.S. have remained open, with even more options to allow guests to get in and get on their way safely. In addition to drive-thru service, we added curbside pick-up, expanded delivery to thousands of Dunkin’ locations, promoted mobile ordering through our app, and suggested payment by credit card versus cash.

Now, as the situation evolves, many guests are beginning to ask when we will reopen our dining rooms.

Working in tandem with our franchisees, and based on the advice of health and government officials, we will be cautious and thoughtful about reopening in-restaurant dining. Decisions will be made on a market-by-market basis and will include enhanced social distancing and safety standards. Thank you for your patience as we move forward.

At Dunkin’, “We’ve Got your Back” is more than just a saying. Since the start of this crisis, we’ve been looking out for our guests, our franchisees, their employees, and the communities we serve. We have prioritized people over profits, and we have chosen to do what is right rather than what is easy. 

It is a privilege to serve you, our guests. We promise to do everything we can to keep you running on Dunkin’...proudly, humbly, and most importantly, safely.

Dave Hoffmann
Dunkin’ Brands CEO