Grants are Distributed! Dunkin’ Joy in Childhood Foundation Gives $1.7 Million to Community Organizations Around the Country

Grants are Distributed! Dunkin’ Joy in Childhood Foundation Gives $1.7 Million to Community Organizations Around the Country

Since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, the Dunkin’ Joy in Childhood Foundation has provided $3.25 million in grants to hunger relief organizations, including $1 million just distributed to 170 nonprofits this past month.

In addition to the latest round of hunger relief funding, the Foundation also provided $500,000 to summer camps for children battling illness, and $197,500 thousand in health grants to organizations nominated by regional Dunkin’ teams. These grants support the Foundation’s mission to provide the simple joys of childhood to kids when they need it most, like when they are battling hunger or illness. We’re happy to share a few examples of how the grants will support the community:

Hunger Grant: American National Red Cross, Massachusetts

In March, the Foundation activated another $1 million in emergency hunger relief grants, bringing the total amount of three large-scale Foundation grants to battle hunger during the pandemic to $3.25 million. Hunger and food security remain dire issues for families across the United States a year into the COVID-19 crisis, and these grants are helping community organizations keep up with increased demand, which has become the “new normal.”

The American National Red Cross in Massachusetts received one of the grants totaling $10,000 to support its hunger work in the state. The American Red Cross of Massachusetts operates a Food Pantry in Boston and a Mobile Market program for eligible families and individuals. The Boston Food Pantry is one of the largest in New England, serving more than 161,000 people including 40,000 children in 2020.

hunger grant

Camp Grant: Rett’s Roost, Ogunquit, Maine

This year, the Foundation awarded 34 grants to summer camps for children battling illness to help them experience summer fun at a place designed just for them. 2020 was a difficult year for these camps as many were unable to open their doors due to the pandemic. And while the year was challenging for the camp locations around the country, it was even more difficult for families facing childhood cancer, and a big reason why these summer camps are especially important in 2021.

One of the places that received a grant is Rett’s Roost in beautiful Ogunquit, Maine. Rett’s Roost is a peaceful, supportive place for families that have experienced childhood cancer or child loss. They hold weekend retreats that focus on mindful healing of trauma and grief through therapeutic and community support. of the Foundation provided Rett’s Roost with a $24,800 grant to support the Positively Healing Retreat for Families Facing Childhood Cancer.

Rett's Roost Retreat Crop

Regional Health Grant: Open Heart Magic, Chicago, IL

The Foundation also distributed $197,500 to health organizations around the country. For these grants, organizations were selected through nominations made by local Dunkin’ franchisees, corporate employees and restaurant crew members. These grants make a difference by funding vital hunger and health needs for a variety of nonprofits.

For example, Open Heart Magic in Chicago, IL, received $10,000, to help fund visits from hospital magicians to pediatric patients in the hospital. Bedside Magic™ engages patients in a customized interaction that allows them to laugh, smile, and master a new trick to share with their family and friends. And because Open Heart Magic adapts their services to meet a child where they are, developmentally and physically, volunteers are able to see every child, including those in isolation where patients miss out on so many other programs.


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