How We Fooled Portland Foodies Into Trying a New Espresso

How We Fooled Portland Foodies Into Trying a New Espresso

With our new handcrafted espresso drinks, sipping is believing. But first, we needed to get people to sip. 

Not everyone would expect great-tasting, handcrafted espresso from Dunkin’. We knew we needed to shock, surprise and even fool the foodies to convince them to give us a chance. So the question was: if we disguised our new espresso drinks as those of a local, high-end coffee shop, could we turn coffee connoisseurs into Dunkin’ espresso believers?

To test it out, we went to Portland, Maine, a small coastal city with a growing foodie culture and a reputation for great craft beer and restaurants. Bon Appétit even named Portland its 2018 Restaurant City of the Year.

Portland Sip Image 2


We opened a new artisanal coffee shop called “S!p” in downtown Portland and created a hip retail space with a local coffee shop vibe. Reality star Jonathan Cheban (@Foodgod) even joined, surprising guests from behind the counter for part of the day. But there was one thing the S!p guests didn’t know. We were serving Dunkin’s new handcrafted espresso drinks undercover. 

Food God 2


When we revealed that they were drinking Dunkin’, the reactions spoke for themselves: surprise, excitement and overall enthusiasm for Dunkin’ espresso.

Check it out below:

With just one sip, we had turned Portland foodies into Dunkin’ espresso believers.

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*This video features paid actors and others. All reactions and comments were entirely their own.