Kristian Nairn, aka Hodor from Game of Thrones Welcomes Winter with Dunkin’

Kristian Nairn, aka Hodor from Game of Thrones Welcomes Winter with Dunkin’

It’s the Winter Solstice. The start of winter, with just 8-10 hours of daylight. How will you keep runnin’ through the darkest day of the year?

Here at Dunkin’, we’re embracing the darkness. Our logo and even our social channels are looking #DunkinDarker. Our culinary team has crafted recipes inspired by the darkest day of the year. We have a special virtual Black DD Card, available on the Dunkin' Mobile App and for one day only. And we’ve partnered with a big and bold star, Kristian Nairn who portrayed Hodor in Game of Thrones, to help us welcome the start of winter.

Kristian Nairn Holds The Door for a Guest


This morning, Kristian visited select stores in New York City where he helped keep people runnin’ through the darkest day of the year in a bold way by serving up complimentary cups of Dark Roast Coffee and Chocolate Glazed MUNCHKINS® donut hole treats, stepping behind the counter to surprise guests and even holding the door open to personally welcome a few customers to Dunkin’ on the first day of winter.

In honor of the darkest day of the year, we sat down with Kristian to hear more about what he’s been up to lately.

  1. Have you ever celebrated darkest day before?

 As I am from Ireland, we don't really celebrate it. As very historically druidic peoples, we celebrate winter solstice quite differently. But I think it's very cool you guys celebrate this!

  1. What have you been doing since Game of Thrones? Are you still acting and do you have any projects coming up?

I am starting a new sci-fi show in the New Year, I can’t talk too much about it but I'm very excited about it! I just finished a horror movie called The Appearance, it should be out just after Christmas. Plus, I have been continually working on music, DJ'ing and touring the world. I am very lucky. 

  1. Tell us about how you started your DJ career.

I always was a very enthusiastic club goer as a teenager. I always enjoyed seeing what the DJ did and I was fascinated by it. I learned how to DJ when I went to music college. Many years later I was working as a club DJ (Kremlin Belfast) and the rest is history, I haven't stopped since. 

  1. Why do you think holding the door has become so iconic?

Because Hodor was a very unique character in Game of Thrones, people seemed to really like him and I think it was a tragic way to go, he didn't deserve to die that way, it really seemed to touch people. It also explained a major mystery as to why he was called Hodor, which people have been wondering for years.

  1. What is your go to order from Dunkin’ Donuts and how do you take your coffee?

Anything with Chocolate on it, chocolate glaze and chocolate filling. I am a cappuccino guy with a double shot. 


 You can bold your way through the darkest day with a Dunkin’ Dark Roast paired with a Chocolate Glazed Donut, available at Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants nationwide.

And be sure to check our FacebookTwitter and Instagram to see how we are embracing the start of winter. Learn more about #DunkinDarker on our Facebook event page here.  


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