Meet Our BranDD AmbassaDDor: Aaron from the University of Massachusetts!

Meet Our BranDD AmbassaDDor: Aaron from the University of Massachusetts!

Hello! My name is Aaron and I am the BranDD AmbassaDDor for Dunkin’ Donuts at the University of Massachusetts (UMASS) Amherst! I am currently a junior here on campus, double majoring in Operations & Information Management and Sports Management. I am also minoring in Information Technology. With my education I hope to pursue a career involved with technology, marketing, and big data analytics. I also have a big interest in working within the Sports and Entertainment industries. I hail from a small town in Western Massachusetts called Adams. It was definitely a big transition coming from Adams to UMASS since the student body is triple the size of my town. Although, I have to say that coming to UMASS was the best decision I could have made and I am having a blast! UMASS has so much to offer and I still get to experience new things and meet new people on a daily basis. 



It has been a fantastic experience being the BranDD AmbassaDDor for Dunkin’ Donuts. Massachusetts loves their Dunkin’ Donuts and UMASS is no different. Despite there not being a Dunkin’ on campus, there are always Dunkin’ cups to be seen. I love Dunkin’ Donuts and when the opportunity arose to become a brand representative, I jumped on it. Especially since the Boston Kreme donut holds a special place in my heart!



So far I have been getting involved with a bunch of different events. I was able to represent Dunkin’ when UMASS Football returned to campus at the big tailgate. It was the first time UMASS played at home in Amherst in two years since they moved to a new division. I also had the opportunity to attend an awesome UMASS Women’s soccer game. They ended up getting the win, and people loved the free Dunkin’ swag I was giving away. If you see me at any other events on campus, feel free to say “Hi” and grab some Dunkin’ swag!


If you want to see what else I am getting involved in, check out the UMASS Dunkin’ Instagram: @donutrepma. I am always getting fresh new content!

Go Zoomass!



*Are you a current student that is looking to join our BranDD AmbassaDDor roster in the future? Drop us a note ( to let us know where you go to school and why you should be our rep!