Meet our BranDD AmbassaDDor: Casey from Northeastern University

Meet our BranDD AmbassaDDor: Casey from Northeastern University

Hi! My name is Casey and I’m from northern New Jersey. I’m a sophomore at Northeastern University, where I’m a member of the cheerleading team for our division one Huskies. I’m a Music Industry major with a minor in Business, and hope to go on to work in marketing and promotions in the future.



As the first Dunkin’ Donuts Campus Rep at Northeastern, I really want to generate awareness for the BranDD AmbassaDDor program. I am building up our social media following so as many Northeastern students as possible can get involved in our contests, giveaways and in the DD lifestyle. The majority of the campus population has no idea that a free DD gift card or cup might be one Instagram “like” away!



I have worked with many organizations, as well as on-campus Greek life to attend events with Dunkin’ merchandise and establish a presence on campus. At Northeastern, DD is more than just a quick pick-me-up for students, it is a lifestyle. Anyone who trekked through the 100+ inches of snow this winter just to get an Iced Coffee knows what I am talking about!


You can stay updated on contests, giveaways, and chances to be featured on our Instagram and the #DDPerksLove page by following me on Instagram (@NUDonutRep).



*Are you a current student that is looking to join our BranDD AmbassaDDor roster in the future? Drop us a note ( to let us know where you go to school and why you should be our rep!