Wednesday, July 11 was National Blueberry Muffin Day and you know how we enjoy celebrating food holiDDays here at Dunkin' Donuts. To commemorate the occasion, we took to Facebook and Twitter to ask our fans where the best first bite is on a blueberry muffin - the top, middle, or bottom. The results?




  • Denise G: Start at the top…cause the bottom is best and I save the best for last!
  • Derrick P: The top first, then I pick at the sides, then eat the bottom. Gotta save the best for last, come on now.
  • @ariokage: Bite the sides of the top of the muffin, then the rest of the top, then the bottom :D
  • Elizabeth L: I take the top off, and give the bottom to my kids lol
  • Maxine B: Absolutely the top...right at the peak!!!
  • Diana C: Start at the top but only eat about a third. Then break it off and set it aside. Eat the bottom. then finish with the rest of the top.




  • Olalah N: The side, then the bottom. I save the top for last!
  • @bdk712: Start with the bottom and middle, love saving the crunchy top for last, it goes great with DDcoffee !!
  • Emily W: Middle! Rip off the top and eat that last! :)




  • Beth K: The bottom; it's my favorite part of a muffin. Nice and warm with some margarine, yummy!
  • Anthony V: I open my muffin, turn it upside down, and eat from bottom to top :) Save the crisp sugary goodness for last :)
  • Lina M: Bottom to Top. Love that sugar sprinkled top...Yummy!!!



  • Paul M: I break it apart and THEN decide which to eat first....the top or the bottom!!!
  • Beeftripe: I never eat it the same way twice.
  • Prajwal P: Just picked up mine.. Doesn't matter where you eat it from when it’s so delicious...


What’s your favorite way to bite into a Blueberry Muffin? Tell us on our Facebook wall!