New Dunkin’ Donuts & CareerBuilder® Survey Reveals Which Professionals Need Coffee the Most

New Dunkin’ Donuts & CareerBuilder® Survey Reveals Which Professionals Need Coffee the Most

Can’t imagine a workday without coffee? You’re not alone! According to our annual survey with CareerBuilder® on U.S. coffee consumption trends in the workplace, nearly half of all U.S. workers (46 percent) claim that they are less productive without coffee.


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Other key coffee consumption trends in the workplace:

  • Of the workers that turn to coffee to get through their day, the majority (61 percent) drink two cups or more each workday. 
  • The workday coffee ritual is the strongest in the Northeast, with majority (49 percent), admitting to needing coffee while on the job. 
  • Survey results highlighted an emerging trend of younger workers, aged 18 to 24, who claimed that coffee has helped their career by providing an opportunity to network with other co-workers. 

Which professionals need coffee the most?

In addition to brewing productivity in the workplace, our survey uncovered that some professionals need coffee more than others. Through this year’s survey of 4,700 U.S. workers, Dunkin’ Donuts and CareerBuilder® learned that scientists/lab technicians need coffee the most to keep their workday running. 


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Top 15 professionals who need coffee to get through the daily grinDD the most are:

1. Scientist/Lab Technician

2. Marketing/Public Relations Professional

3. Education Administrator

4. Editor/Writer

5. Healthcare Administrator

6. Physician

7. Food Preparer

8. Professor

9. Social Worker

10. Financial Professional

11. Personal Caretaker

12. Human Resources Benefits Coordinator

13. Nurse

14. Government Professional

15. Skilled Tradesperson (plumber, carpenter, etc)


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How do your colleagues take their coffee? Turns out, you may have your favorite brew in common:

  • Hotel workers, attorneys and judges are most likely to take their coffee black.
  • Human resources professionals and personal caretakers are most likely to enjoy their coffee with cream and sugar.
  • Editors/writers, government professionals and teachers are most likely to add flavor to their coffee.


Whether or not your profession made the list, one thing is clear: coffee keeps a good percentage of American workers running and productive on the job. So, the next time you want to give your office a productivity pick-me-up, schedule a coffee break, or better yet, grab a Box ‘O Joe!