3 Ways to Prompose with Dunkin’ Donuts

3 Ways to Prompose with Dunkin’ Donuts

Prom season is right around the corner and for many that means it’s time to pop the question! What makes any promposal that much sweeter? Donuts!

Whether you have your heart set on asking your crush, friend or significant other to prom, here are three ways to delight the donut lover in your life:

Photo Credit: Whitney Ward

1. Share A Dozen Donuts

Who could say no to a dozen donuts and adorable poems and puns? Write a cute saying on a Dunkin’ Donuts box, complete with a dozen donuts. For an even more special surprise, write “Prom” right on the donuts!

Prom Bouquet


2. Create a DIY Donut Bouquet

The only thing sweeter than a bouquet of flowers? A bouquet of donuts! Check out our instructions below for a DIY donut bouquet that makes for the perfect promposal.


  • 1 half dozen box of donuts
  • 1 can icing
  • 5 sets of chopsticks
  • Tape
  • 1 bunch faux flowers
  • 1 bunch faux greenery
  • 1 12-inch ribbon


  1. Take the chop sticks and secure the pairs together in an X shape with tape leaving about an inch between the ends.
  2. Bundle the chopstick sets, faux flowers and faux greenery and secure with tape.
  3. Cover tape with a bow.
  4. Using the icing, write “Prom?” on a donut. Add hearts and other designs as desired.
  5. Place one donut on each set of chopsticks.
  6. Prompose to your prom date!
Prom Card Builder


3. Send a Promposal Card with the Dunkin’ iMessage Card Builder

If DIY isn’t your thing, go digital! With our iMessage Card Builder, iOS 10 users can design a custom card and send to their sweetheart all through iMessage. We’ve recently added a special prom-themed card in celebration of prom season, and with our Dunkin’ Sticker Pack, you can add plenty of fun donut stickers to personalize your card. All iMessage users can open the promposal and add their answer! Download our iMessage Card Builder and Sticker Pack here.

Whichever way you delight your prom date, be sure to share your promposal on FacebookTwitter and Instagram using the hashtag #DDProm!


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