Patients at Boston Children’s Hospital Prompose with Dunkin’

Patients at Boston Children’s Hospital Prompose with Dunkin’

Prom is a milestone celebrated by almost every American teenager each Spring. But many teen patients battling illnesses have to miss the party.

On March 29, the Dunkin’ Joy in Childhood Foundation and Boston Children’s Hospital are hosting a prom for teen patients at Fenway Park. And, their promposals were extra special. Check out the below video to see how these patients promposed using the 2019 Dunkin’ Promposal Boxes.


For patients like Grace, age 17, this will be her one and only prom! Moving from her home in New York to Boston temporarily for treatment means Grace is homeschooled. For the past year, Grace has found community and friends through the Teen Advisory Committee at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Grace’s journey began when she was diagnosed at age two and half with end-stage renal disease. “I was on hemo dialysis in Albany for a few years, and when I was about five or six we transferred to Boston Children’s.” said Grace. Since transferring, she suffered a failed kidney transplant and 10 years of peritoneal dialysis. After some time, Grace and family started the process for a second transplant. Grace had been traveling to Boston from her home in New York for plasma apheresis every Friday, and did not receive a call for a kidney. In January 2017, Grace and her mom temporarily moved to Boston for more frequent treatment. After more than a year, Grace is still waiting for a kidney and will return on the active list in April.

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