Celebrate 4th of July with Our DIY Red, White and Blue Coolatta!

Celebrate 4th of July with Our DIY Red, White and Blue Coolatta!

Keep cool and celebrate the 4th of July with our star-shaped donuts and this fun and festive recipe for a DIY Red, White and Blue Coolatta®!

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We layered our classic Strawberry and Blue Raspberry Coolatta® frozen beverage flavors with the new Pink Lemonade Coolatta to bring together our favorite fruity flavors. For an extra fun treat, make it a Red, White and Blue cocktail! Check out the recipe below.

Plus, select Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants nationwide have special star-shaped donuts, available through the 4th of July holiday, to add to the celebration. Pick up one to treat yourself, or a dozen to share at your holiday barbeque!

4th of July Donuts



(Makes 3 beverages)

  • 1 small Strawberry Coolatta
  • 1 small Blue Raspberry Coolatta
  • 1 small Pink Lemonade Coolatta (or Vanilla Bean!)
  • 3 oz rum (optional)
  • 1.5 oz Triple sec (optional)
  • 1 mason jar
  • 1 spoon
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  1. For an extra fun cocktail, add rum and triple sec to the mason jar (optional). 
  2. Pour Strawberry Coolatta into the mason jar, filling one third of the jar.
  3. Place a spoon face down over the Strawberry Coolatta, and pour Pink Lemonade Coolatta over the spoon until the jar is two-thirds full.
  4. Repeat step 2 with Blue Raspberry Coolatta until the mason jar is full.
  5. Enjoy at your 4th of July celebration!

Looking for a last minute host gift for your 4th of July barbeque? Say “Happy 4th” with a festive DD Card, available on the Dunkin’ Donuts Mobile App!

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