Seven Donut WonDDers From DD's Around the World

Seven Donut WonDDers From DD's Around the World

In honor of National Donut Day, we couldn’t resist shining a spotlight on seven of our unique donuts found at Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants around the world. While many of our guest’s favorite donuts, like Glazed, Chocolate Cake and Boston Kreme are widely available internationally, we also work hard to offer special regional and country specific donuts that appeal to our local guests. 

According to Dunkin’ Donuts’ Executive Chef Stan Frankenthaler, “Our international donuts are a great example of how we take a classic menu item and add a layer of innovation to feature popular local flavors. Donuts are a great canvas for creativity and we have a lot of fun working with our international partners to develop a variety of flavors, shapes and designs. From sweet, to salty, or savory, the options are endless!” 

Speaking of endless options, here are some of our favorite Donut WonDDers of the World:


Dunclair, Russia


Forget traditional Eclairs, DD Russia offers the Dunclair! In addition to enjoying the clever name, the flavor options – chocolate, vanilla and caramel – have us smitten.


Green Tea Mochi Ring Donut, China, Korea and Thailand


In Asia, we offer many varieties of Mochi Ring Donuts, including green tea, original, chocolate, banana and mango. The key ingredient, Mochi, is glutinous rice that tastes far more delicious than it sounds.


Kai Young Donut, Thailand


Donuts featuring a sweet/savory combination are very popular in Asia. One that caught our eye is the Kai Young Donut, a traditional glazed donut topped with dried, shredded chicken, and finished with a drizzle of Thai chili paste.


Mango Chocolate Donut, Lebanon


Next time you’re in Lebanon, check out the brightly colored, delicious local donuts found at our local DD restaurants. Our pick is the delightful Mango Chocolate Donut.


Pinwheelnut, Cheese Topping and Black Cheese Topping Donuts, Indonesia


Talk about a triple threat! In Indonesia, you can be the “big cheese” by trying the Cheese Topping Donut or Black Cheese Topping Donut. For those with a sweet tooth, Indonesia also offers a Pinwheelnut Donut. 


Smiley Donut, Peru


Don’t worry, be happy! DD Peru offers cheerful Smiley Face donuts that are sure to turn any frown upside-down! 


"Shake Shake" Munchkins, China


In China, DD is shaking up Munchkins® donut hole treats with our "Shake Shake" Munchkins. Guests have the option of three different flavors, spicy, roast and pizza and the crewmember places the warm Munchkins into a bag with the flavor and shakes them up for a delicious sweet/savory treat.

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