Something to Chew on: Freshly-Baked Bagel Buzz and Fun Facts

Something to Chew on: Freshly-Baked Bagel Buzz and Fun Facts

If there’s anything we learned on National Bagel Day on Wednesday, February 9, it’s that Dunkin’ Donuts fans are extremely passionate about their beloveDD bagels.  In order to properly “toast” our freshly-baked bagels, we took to Facebook and Twitter yesterday to give our fans something to chew on.

On Facebook, we sparked a “heated” debate by posing the seemingly innocent question - Do you prefer your bagel toasted or untoasted?  A whopping 85 percent of respondents favor biting into a warm, toasted bagel.  We also received over 300 comments from DD bagel fans, providing interesting insight into what makes their toasted bagel so special:

  • Stephie Silva: Toasted is always the best, unless you ppl can grill it!
  • Rhonda Chevis: It just slides down better when toasted!
  • Corinne A Jose: - a toasty bagel with butter is the stuff my dreams are made of!


Dunkin' Donuts Cinnamon Raisin Bagel


On Twitter, we put our followers’ bagel savvy to the test by asking a seemingly simple question - How many poppy seeds are on a typical DD Poppy Seed bagel?  Hundreds guessed, but only one could win a $100 DD Card.  The answer? An incredible 7,704 poppy seeds!  And yes, we did work with our R&D team to ensure that number was factually correct. Congrats to @MeganMcMan for the closest guess and winning the coveted prize!


This contest was run on Wednesday, February 9 for National Bagel Day by @DunkinDonuts


In addition to connecting with bagel fans throughout the day, we shared a bunch of bagel fun facts. Here’s five bagel fun facts to chew on – you can thank Maria Balinska, author of “The Bagel: The Surprising History of a Modest Bread,” the next time you surprise and delight someone with your bagel savvy!

  1. In 1951, in an article about a bagel bakers’ strike, The New York Times provided a pronunciation guide (“baygle”) and defined it as a “glazed surfaced roll with the firm white dough.”
  2. Until the 1960s, bagels were mostly produced and consumed in New York City, by the Local 338 Bagel Bakers, which controlled the production of bagels.
  3. The first evidence of the bagel’s existence dates from 1610 in Poland, in the royal city of Krakow.
  4. Millions of bagels are consumed every day across the United States and sales are estimated to be worth over $900 million annually.
  5. "Bagel girl" is a new Korean term to describe female celebrities.

Thanks again for celebrating National Bagel Day on Wednesday, February 9 with us! If you haven’t already, leave a comment below and let us know what you’re favorite Dunkin’ Donuts bagel is!