SPOTTED: 7 Dunkin’ Donut WonDDers of the WorlDD

SPOTTED: 7 Dunkin’ Donut WonDDers of the WorlDD

National Donut Day is tomorrow and we’re counting down the seconds. To tide us over until one of our favorite holidays, we’ve compiled seven wonDDerous donuts from around the world. With restaurants in 33 countries, we were in donut lover’s paradise with hundreds of unique and mouth-watering donuts to choose from. It took some time, but somehow we were able to narrow them down to seven donut wonDDers of the world. Take a look below and tell us on Facebook and Twitter which donut you want to try the most!




South Korea – Jackie Explorer

This cute bear shaped donut is filled with Bavarian Kreme and coated with chocolate frosting. The lovable donut comes in other flavor varieties as well, such as a vanilla frosted donut with fruit filling. Yum!



Germany – Green Apple

The very vibrant and very tasty Green Apple donut is a yeast shell with apple filling. Topped with an eye-catching green apple frosting, this donut is perfect for green apple enthusiasts.




Philippines – Pineapple Express

There’s nothing to hide with this donut! The pineapple jam or preserves filling tops the Pineapple Express yeast shell and is crowned with a cherry. Finished with butter cream frosting, this donut makes us want to catch the next flight straight to the Philippines.



Bulgaria – Tart with Fresh Bananas

There’s no monkeying around when it comes to this donut. The Tart with Fresh Berries is made with a glazed yeast shell donut and filled with Bavarian Kreme and fresh bananas. It’s then topped with white and dark chocolate shavings to make it even more mouth-watering.



China – Pudding Donut

The ingredients to this donut may seem simple, but once you take a bite, the flavors will burst in your mouth. Plus, who doesn’t love pudding? In China, puddings, jellies and fruits are some of the most popular ingredients and the Pudding Donut, a yeast ring topped with a vanilla pudding layer, is a favorite for DD guests. 



Philippines – Almond Caramel

Although this is the second donut listed from the Philippines, we couldn’t leave out the Almond Caramel donut. Being one of the prettiest donuts on this list, this donut is dunked in white chocolate, drizzles with caramel sauce and topped with mocha droplets and almonds. 



Russia – Blue Coco

Last but certainly not least, we have the Blue Coco donut from Russia. This adorable donut starts as a yeast ring that is topped with vanilla frosting and blue coconut toppings. Add the two white chocolate and chocolate eyes and you have one playful-looking donut!



Honorary WonDDer of the WorlDD – Blueberry Cobbler Donut

Looking for a wonDDerous new donut you can try here in the United States? Look no further because we just unveiled our new Blueberry Cobbler Donut which features a yeast shell donut with delicious blueberry filling, white dipping icing and coffee cake streusel topping. The Blueberry Cobbler Donut is available at participating Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants nationwide until the end of the month, so make sure you pick one up while supplies last.