Spring Semester is here! Introducing our Spring BranDD AmbassaDDors!

Spring Semester is here! Introducing our Spring BranDD AmbassaDDors!

As colleges around the country get underway for the Spring semester, we are pumpeDD to get our second semester of the Dunkin’ Donuts BranDD AmbassaDDor program underway! We have expanded the program to three new schools - Rutgers, Emory and Northeastern - bringing our program total to 10 schools!                                



Last semester, our Dunkin’ AmbassaDDors helped launch our new Dark Roast Coffee, spread the word about our Angus Steak and Egg Sandwich and sought out fellow Dunkin’ Superfans to sign up for our DD Perks® program! Without further ado, we would like to introduce our BranDD AmbassaDDors for the Spring. Please be sure to monitor our blog so you can check-back on the progress of our 10 great AmbassaDDors! 


UNH: Danica

Home State: New Hampshire

Year: Sophomore

Major: Tourism Planning & Development

Favorite DD Item: Dark Roast Iced Coffee

Instagram: DDCampusRepUNH



UCONN: Austin

Home State: Connecticut

Year: Freshman

Major: Healthcare Management

Favorite DD Item: Sausage Egg & Cheese on a Plain Bagel

Instagram: UCDonutRep 



Providence College: Lauren

Home State: New York

Year: Junior

Major: Finance/Marketing Double Major

Favorite DD Item: Boston Kreme Donut




Rutgers: Tori

Year: Junior

Major: Communication with a concentration in Public Relations

Favorite DD item: Caramel Iced Coffee and a Coffee Cake Muffin

Instagram: RUCampusRep







Northeastern: Casey

Home state: New Jersey

Major: Music Industry

DD Item: Iced Latte

Instagram: NUDonutRep



Emory: Sheena

Home State: New Jersey    

Year: Junior

Major: Biology & Economics     

Favorite DD Item: Mocha Iced Coffee 

Instagram: EmoryDonutRep 



URI: Jess

Home State: New Jersey

Year: Freshman

Major: Public Relations

Favorite DD item: Cinnamon Raisin Bagel and Decaf Caramel Iced Coffee

Instagram: RhodyRep



Syracuse: Jared

Home State: Missouri (but currently reside in Nevada)

Year: Junior

Major: Sport Management

Favorite DD Item: Iced French Vanilla Coffee with cream and Caramel Swirl

Instagram: Cuse_DD_Rep 



UMass: Aaron

Home State: Massachusetts

Major: Marketing and Sports Management 

Favorite Dunkin Item: Vanilla Chai & Boston Kreme Donut

Instagram: DonutRepMA



University of Texas at Austin: Sela

Home State: Texas

Year: Junior

Major: Business 

Favorite DD Item: Strawberry Dream Swirl Donut

Instagram: UTDonutRep



Have a Dunkin' on your campus? Share your Dunkin' pride with us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, using the hashtag #DDcollege! Are you a current student that is looking to join our BranDD AmbassaDDor roster in the future ? Drop us a note (dunkincollege@gmail.com) to let us know where you go to school and why you should be our rep!