The Story Behind Dunkin’ Midnight

The Story Behind Dunkin’ Midnight

It’s official – dark roast is having a moment. Coffee lovers are looking for some seriously rich taste profiles, and to that we say, come on over to the dark side! It’s an exciting time to be a Dunkin’ coffee lover because Dunkin’ Midnight is our darkest roast yet.

The sun may go down earlier this time of year, but Dunkin’ is keeping spirits bright with this deep, rich, hot coffee. It features a smooth, full-bodied flavor, with notes of decadent bittersweet chocolate and an intense, dark finish.

Intrigued by Dunkin’ Midnight but not quite sure what the hype around dark roast coffee is all about? Think of it this way: roasting coffee is like toasting a marshmallow. If you’re patient, you can toast the marshmallow until it’s dark and deliciously caramelized without burning it. That’s exactly how we approach Dunkin’ Midnight- the coffee beans are slowly roasted to perfection to bring out the inherent sweetness and bold, chocolatey flavor notes.

While you’re at your local Dunkin’ trying a cup of Dunkin’ Midnight, make sure to pick up a tasty food pairing! Our culinary team recommends pairing Dunkin’ Midnight with a Jelly Filled Donut. The deep, bittersweet chocolate flavor perfectly pairs with the sweet jelly. Or, get yourself one of our breakfast sandwiches with bacon. The smokiness of the bacon pairs beautifully with Dunkin’ Midnight.

And to help you power through the start of the New Year, from January 1 through January 31, Dunkin’ Rewards members get a $1 Medium Dunkin’ Midnight every day when ordering ahead on the app*. 

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