Summer RoaDD Trips: What Keeps You Running?

Summer RoaDD Trips: What Keeps You Running?

Happy first official day of summer! Even though summer gives us the chance to relax, we know that DD fans still love to be on-the-go all year round. That’s why it’s the perfect season for one of our favorite pastimes: road trips! Pack your trunk, prepare your cupholDDers, and take a look at the ways that summer travelers “stay cool” before and during their best getaways.


Road trip essentials by Wisconsin DD fan Josh Z.


In order to find out what keeps Americans running on the open road, we surveyed 1,000 people who know that a happy car ride is just as important as a great destination. Check out what the travelers have to say about planning their journeys, making pit stops, and getting directions along the way!

  • Approximately 59% of people make at least two stops for food or drinks during their summer road trip. Just under one-third of people (31%) make at least three stops or more.
  • Nearly three-quarters of people (74%) claim they make their food and drink stops spontaneously as needed. Only 15% of people plan their food and drink stops at the start of the trip. 
  •  More than one-third of people (36%) use GPS or other travel technology to identify food and drink stops. 
  • 20% of people claim they sometimes or always argue with their road trip companions over where and when to stop for food and drinks.
  •  Who in the family usually needs to make the most food or drink stops during a summer road trip? 39% say it’s themselves, while 24% claim it’s the kids and another 15% say it’s their spouse or significant other. 


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How would you describe your road trip style? What do you think it says about you? Whether you are driving the car, navigating from the passenger side, or helping to plot out your next Dunkin' pit stop with our handy Trip Planner, we wish you safe travels for the summer aheaDD!