The Story Behind Our Buttery Toffee Nut and Winter White Chocolate Coffee Flavors

The Story Behind Our Buttery Toffee Nut and Winter White Chocolate Coffee Flavors

We are introducing two seasonal coffee flavors perfect for the winter months ahead: Buttery Toffee Nut and Winter White Chocolate. Are you curious to know how these flavors were crafted in the Dunkin’ Test Kitchen?

New Buttery Toffee Nut combines the taste of buttery toffee with toasted nut flavor. Think of your favorite nut brittle – in fact, that was the inspiration for this flavor. Before even starting on the coffee flavor, we spent hours handcrafting nut brittle.

PLAIN IMAGE_ Six Cup Layout_Black Coffee


We tried various kinds of nuts and different amounts of butter. Several pounds of toffee later, we declared one nut brittle better than the rest. That became our gold standard - the model for what the coffee flavor needed to taste like. After a lot of experimenting and tasting to get the balance of buttery toffee and toasted nut just right, we crafted our Buttery Toffee Nut coffee flavor.

Winter White Chocolate, on the other hand, was inspired by white chocolate, a favorite during the holidays and throughout winter. It is a classic flavor that is never out of trend. New Winter White Chocolate combines creamy white chocolate and subtle vanilla flavors. We even put it to the test in our sensory lab, and our customers loved it.

Winter White Chocolate and Buttery Toffee Nut are available in hot or iced coffees, lattes, macchiatos and Frozen Dunkin’ Coffee for a limited time at participating Dunkin’ Donuts’ restaurants. Let us know how you enjoy each flavor on FacebookTwitter and Instagram!  


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