The Story Behind Our New Crème Brulée Holiday Flavor

This Holiday season, we are introducing the new Crème Brulée Macchiato. As the Chef behind Crème Brulée, I’m here to tell you how I crafted the flavor inspired by the popular dessert.

I studied culinary arts in Paris, so I’ve really gotten to know Crème Brulée on a personal level. For me, it’s a fun yet sophisticated dessert that makes you feel a little fancy. To bring that experience and that flavor to our coffee and espresso beverages, I began with the gold standard: a crème brulée.  

Using a classic French recipe, I baked crème brulée for the culinary team to enjoy. We talked through the tastes and the textures of the dessert. First, you get that creaminess from the rich custard and then finish with the taste of the burnt, caramelized sugar. We wanted our coffee to emulate that sensory experience.


After many iterations and taste tests, we crafted a Crème Brulée swirl that complemented our coffee, macchiato and latte beautifully. With the authentic taste of a crème brulée, the new flavor will truly transport you to the holidays in Paris.

Crème Brulee flavored Coffee, Lattes and Macchiatos are only available through the holiday season, so be sure to try my creation before the New Year. And don’t forget to share how you celebrate Joy with Dunkin’ through the Holidays on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!